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Starting, Wednesday 11/16, a great opportunity is being presented to you, our customers. This opportunity gives you a chance to help shape the future of Lytec and Medisoft. E-MDs the company that purchased Lytec and Medsoft is sending out customer surveys. Adam and I like getting customer feedback on how we are doing as a company, what we can improve upon and what you would like to see added to the products. This is a chance not only for you to tell E-MDs how you think PSS is doing in taking care of your needs, but more importantly you will be able to give E-MDs feedback on what you need from them.

We know we are not perfect here at PSS but we strive to be exceptional when it comes to taking care of your needs as a small business. We encourage you to take a moment and fill out these surveys when they’re emailed to you. Help us take your message directly to E-MDs so we can work together on enhancing your Lytec and Medisoft solutions.

It is a known fact in business that a disgruntled customer is way more likely to give feedback or tell a friend about an experience than a satisfied customer. This is your chance to provide meaningful feedback. We’re asking you to please respond, positive or negative, we would like to hear from you and use your feedback to know what we’re getting right and what you would like us to improve upon.



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