The popularity of our integrated clearinghouse continues to grow, so we have added a download for the EDI Insight software here!

Reports Pro Custom Reports

Our popular custom reporting solution can be downloaded from the link below. To learn more about Reports Pro, click here.


If you’re reinstalling Validator on a new machine or would like to install and use the Demo version of Validator, install this full version for your appropriate software

VALIDATOR UPDATES Validator6 is the newest Direct Electronic Claims program for certain practice management systems, and is available as part of the new PSS Software Suite, which includes EZ Post, Reports Pro, Eligibility and Validator 6 direct electronic claims in a new unified installer. Updates for the PSS Software Suite are handled from within the program using the new built in automatic updater. We are currently on PSS Software Suite version 6.7.2, which can be downloaded here:

PSS Software Suite

Note to existing PSS Software Suite versions 6.6.9 and below. We had to decommission the old update server unexpectedly due to Microsoft no longer supporting Windows server 2008. As a result, your automatic update feature in these versions will not work. You must uninstall that version and install from the link above. For those of you on 6.7 or newer, it is usually more convenient to run the update from within the program, but uninstalling the current version and running the installation from the link above accomplishes the same task. Validator 5 Versions:PSS is no longer releasing updates to Validator5, as it is not compliant with the new ANSI 5010 format. We are leaving these links here for your reference, however.