Support Policies

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Physicians Software policy toward billable support is that if any problem encountered is as a direct result of our mistake (i.e. a programming problem with software we wrote), it will not be charged. All other support calls (such as problems with your PM,  Insurance Carriers etc.) are billable at our normal rates.

    All Support supplied by Physicians Software is subject to our standard hourly rate of $175 an hour. At Physicians Software, you will only be billed for the actual time you use in support, and your technician will happily provide for you, at the end of any support session, the amount of time your support session used.
    At the end of any remote support session, if your bill is currently paid in full, you will be given the option to pay with a credit card to cover the costs of services just rendered. PSS offers a 10% instant discount for immediate payment at the time services are rendered.For a larger discounted rate for support, you may purchase a 2 hour block of support at the reduced rate of $250 for 2 hours (a 33% discount). Prepaid blocks of support may be used at your leisure within 12 months of their purchase.
    Clients who are covered under a free support agreement (such as our “Complete Care”) will not be charged for technical support during their free support period, but may still incur a charge for training. Support of this nature is limited to questions and problems not involving how to use the software.
    On site visits are subject to travel time costs of $50 an hour for travel by automobile and may be subject to additional overhead costs as applicable (such as board and lodging). You will be provided with an estimate of the cost of the onsite visit before services are rendered, and our technicians will collect half of the expected cost upon arrival, with the remaining portion to be invoiced.
    Software upgrades are service packs or minor changes to an existing program, and are provided at no charge to PSS clients as a download from our web site. Upgrades, which are major program changes to new versions, are usually subject to charge. While the updates are usually very easy to install, if you require assistance installing them, that assistance will be subject to our normal support rates.