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Noridian makes changes to their dialup submission requirements

December 9th, 2016

For PSS clients who submit claims in California, you may have woken to a surprising communication from your Medicare intermediary over the holiday season. Unfortunately, Santa didn’t leave you a new LED TV under the tree, but someone at Noridian Medicare thought it would be a great idea to send out a volley of faxes ON Thanksgiving requiring dialup clients to make several changes to the way they submit claims directly to Medicare using our Validator program.

The fax indicates a new dialup number, new user ID, and a new password in order to continue to send claims. What they don’t tell you is when you dial that number, the BBS you are dialing is unlike any of the BBS connections PSS has seen before. Here at PSS we highly encourage you to take this opportunity to revisit the idea of using a clearinghouse with your Validator instead of trusting your livelihood to the likes of dialup technology from the 1984 movie “War Games”. For those of you who just love the sound a dialup modem makes and the constant connection issues, we felt we should oblige you. We have spent many hours developing and testing  a new script for use with the new changes.

We are, once again, offering this update to our popular Validator program for no additional charge. That being said, there are some very specific steps you will need to take, which we have outlined below. For those of our clients on Complete Care Priority Support, you will once again receive these services for free, all you need to do is contact us for an appointment. If you do not have an unlimited support contract with us, and still need help, we are happy to do so at our normal hourly rates. The entire conversion should not take longer than about an hour.

For those who would like to handle this themselves, you will want to first make sure you HAVE the fax in your hand from Noridian. If you do not, do not update your Validator and instead reach out to Medicare to ask where it might be. Once you have the fax, go into your existing Validator program and check for and install your updates. You will need to be on version 6.5 or above.

Once that is done, go to settings\carrier options and choose “Noridian” from the dropdown menu. Click the “transmission” tab. There you will be able to enter your new User ID, Password, and Phone Number from the Fax. While you are here, you will also want to clear out the “BBS Script to Use” field. It needs to be completely empty. Once you have done that, click OK and you will be ready to send your claims!


McKesson announces sell off of Lytec, Medisoft, Practice Partner and Practice Choice ambulatory software.

March 4, 2016

March 4, 2016
McKesson Technology Business Update
Dear Value Added Resellers:

Over the last several months McKesson Business Performance Services (McKesson) has conducted an analysis of our entire technology portfolio to determine where we can best serve our customers. After careful evaluation we signed a definitive agreement with e-MDs to sell several of our ambulatory technology solutions that include McKesson Practice Choice™, Medisoft®, Medisoft® Clinical, Lytec®, Lytec® MD, and Practice Partner®.

We chose to partner with e-MDs as it is an industry leader, founded by physicians and focused solely on the small- to medium-sized independent physician practice. McKesson feels e-MDs is best positioned to be an exceptional partner to our customers.

e-MDs is a portfolio company of Marlin Equity Partners (Marlin), which is a global investment firm with over $3 billion of capital. Marlin invests in businesses where its capital base, industry relationships, and extensive network of operational resources significantly strengthen and enhance the value provided by its acquired products. e-MDs is a leading provider of integrated electronic health records (EHR), practice management (PM) software, revenue cycle services, and credentialing solutions for small- and medium-sized, independent physician practices and enterprises.

This agreement with e-MDs also includes our Value-Added Reseller (VAR) channel, which services many of the providers using these solutions. e-MDs will oversee the day-to-day operations of these products, staff and sales channels. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, and we expect to complete this transaction in the next 30-60 days.

Over the course of the next month, we will be working closely with the e-MDs team to plan for the transition of the sales and operations that support these products as soon as the transaction closes. Our intention is to make this transition for our partners and customers as seamless as possible.

The VAR Conference in Atlanta, GA on March 6-8 will be an optimal time for the e-MDS leadership team to introduce themselves and share with you how they look forward to embracing the VAR channel. e-MDs will also be attending the VAR Awards Trip to CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, Anguilla April 6-10 and looks forward to celebrating your 2015 accomplishments and to being part of a promising future!

McKesson is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our customers, staff and VARs to e-MDs and looks forward to hearing of your future success!


Scott Sanner
Senior Vice President & General Manager
McKesson Business Performance Services


Lytec MD Sure Scripts errors

Update 7.29.14

As of 1:20PM EST today, the Practice Partner Clearinghouse is online.

Any previously transmitted prescriptions that resulted in an error will need to be re-transmitted.

At this time the Practice Partner Clearinghouse is down. All ePrescribing transmissions will result in 601 errors until the issue is resolved. Please do not transmit prescriptions at this time.

McKesson engineers are working on resolving the problem.

Any prescription transmitted that has received a 601 error will need to re-transmit when the issue is resolved.

The next update will occur no later than 1:00PM EST.

As you are probably aware, the SureScripts servers have been having an intermittent issue at the Clearinghouse since last week.
I just checked with McKesson support and they continue to work to resolve the issue; however, it is on-going.

The problem is intermittent and if you attempt to ePrescribe and a 601 error about the Clearinghouse is returned, then the prescription DID NOT go through and you should
either prescribe with an alternate method or retry electronically.

eRx continues to have “intermittent” issues


PSS Software Suite Version 6.2 released, requires manual update

Here at PSS we strive to constantly improve upon our existing product line. We started out over 15 years ago with just one program, called Validator Direct Electronic Claims. Our Validator program has undergone countless updates and upgrades over the years, all based on feedback and findings from our loyal client base.

Now Validator is joined by popular programs such as EZ Post ERA auto posting, Backups Pro, and our latest, Reports Pro for Lytec. All of these programs are available as part of the PSS Software Suite.

One of the common requests we have received in the past has been to add user security to our programs, so that certain offices could use, for example, EZ Post, and see only the practices they are assigned.

We are proud to announce that version 6.2 does just that, allowing you to set up security (optionally) to get into the program, as well as allowing you to specify which practices and reports are available in various parts of the program. We hope that you like this new feature.

Unfortunately, in testing the update procedure for this new version we discovered an existing problem with the “PSS Download Manager” software that everyone already has. The PSS Download Manager is responsible for distributing updates to our clients who already have an older version of our PSS Software Suite program. The way this updater works is that it downloads an update pack from our servers and unpacks the new and updated files into the existing program files directory. The problem we ran into is that when we try to overwrite your existing program, we get a permissions error saying we don’t have permission to overwrite that file.

As a result, we had to also rewrite the way that updates are delivered. Starting with version 6.2, updates will be delivered via an installer file instead of an update pack. This means you will be prompted to click “Next” and “Finish” (as well as perhaps prompted by User Account Control if it is enabled) when updating your PSS Software Suite, but that the installer will at least have permission to perform the update.

Regrettably, there is only one way to update your existing update procedure, and that is to uninstall your existing program through add\remove programs and then downloading and installing the new version from our web page at


As with all updates from PSS, this is a free update. We have made articles available on how to uninstall the PSS Software Suite which are available here:  As always, technicians are available to assist at our low hourly rate if you require assistance with this, or any other issue.


LytecMD Cigna Home delivery E-prescribing Down 8.20.13

It has recently come to our attention that starting today, August 20th ~9:00am PDT, Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy started experiencing a technical issue causing NEWRX transactions to fail with Error Code 600: Fax Failed. This is a fax-type pharmacy in which Surescripts receives electronic transactions and converts them to fax when sending to the pharmacy.

We have not received any official word from Surescripts regarding this issue — however a case has been opened with Surescripts to have the pharmacy vendor investigate.

An update will be provided once we have further information.

Noridian Deadline Looms Near

Reports from the Field

As many of you already know, Noridian has won the contract for what is now being called Jurisdiction E. This Jurisdiction, which includes CA, NV, HI, Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands, used to be served by Palmetto Medicare, but will be switching to Noridian at 5pm on September 16th for part B, and on August 26th for part A.


You have two options with this transition. You can opt to switch to a clearing house and let them take care of it for you as many are doing. If you would like to pursue this route we have negotiated special packages and rates with Gateway EDI, call us for more details. The other option is to switch to Noridian which we have outlined below.

Noridian is offering something called “early on boarding” to those clients who don’t want to make the switch with everyone else. If you contact Noridian at 1-800-361-8289 they will provide you a new user name and password, and a new dialup number to submit claims to. You can then start submitting to the new company and they will FORWARD your claims to Palmetto, and retrieve your mail from Palmetto for you.

Unfortunately, reports from the field have not been good. There have been reports of delays in claims processing of between 1 and 3 days, as well as problems getting your ERA and 277 files from the new contractor. Despite these reports, PSS is still advising ALL of their clients to contact Noridian ASAP and ask for early on boarding. PSS has been dealing with Noridian for over a decade, and in our experience, we don’t expect things to be better if you wait, we expect them to be worse. Those who opt for early on boarding are much more likely to get a representative to address any issues than those who wait. The question is, do you want to stand in a short line now, or a huge line later?

What a California or Nevada submitter needs to do

  1. First and foremost, you should reach out to Noridian and ask to be included in early on boarding. The sooner you do this, the better.
  2. You will get a new password for Noridian, which will have an effective date on it. If you call PSS and schedule an appointment for the effective date as soon as you know what it is, we can help you make the transition.
  3. On the effective date, and not a day before, you will need to update your PSS Software Suite to version 6.0.11.
  4. Send your claims to Noridian. It’s that simple. On the effective day, your contactor ID numbers will automatically change.

We will be releasing a video on how to make this transition within the next 2 weeks. If you are a Complete Care Priority Support client, PSS will handle the transition for you at no charge. You may also follow the instructions on the video to transition. The update is completely free, but if you are not a Complete Care Priority Support customer, and you request PSS assist with setting up the transition, our normal charges will apply for the transition.

Free Claims from Availity coming to an end

For many years, Validator users have enjoyed the ability to send their commercial claims to Availity for no charge. Availity was getting enough revenue from payers they did not have to charge our clients for the right to send claims. Unfortunately, the wheels are starting to fall off the free claims train.

Pressured by a reduction in payments from insurance carriers, as well as vast reductions in how many carriers are willing to pay for claims, Availity has decided to ditch its free claims model in favor of a more traditional pay model, requiring all providers submitting claims to sign up for a monthly fee based solution through a reseller.

They are rolling out this plan in phases depending upon which state you are in. Texas submitters are already facing a hard cutoff date of August 17th. Providers in the following states are currently being transitioned, although the final cutoff date has yet to be announced.

  • Illinois
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Washington

Eventually all states will be affected by these changes. PSS has signed up as a reseller for Availity and we have negotiated special rates with other clearinghouses as an alternative option. To avoid a delay in claims processing, we highly encourage all of our clients, but especially those listed in one of the states above, to contact Lee Campbell at 877-527-2407 x112 to discuss your options.

Don’t forget! Lytec 2014 with ICD 10 readiness is on pre-sale now at 30% off through the end of August.

Don’t wait, call now and make sure you’re ready for ICD 10! Contact Lee Campbell 877-527-2407 x112 or



Lytec Mobile Demo

Introducing Lytec Mobile
February 19, 20, 22, 2013

Want to help your practice run smarter, optimize reimbursement, and improve productivity?

Then please join Tony Peterson next week to view a demo of the combined power of Lytec Mobile, a free application for the iPad, iPad mini, iTouch and iPhone, and Lytec® 2013, the latest upgrade for the Lytec practice management system.

Working together, Lytec Mobile and Lytec 2013 enable you to:

  • Electronically capture your charges and diagnosis entries using an electronic superbill (no more paper superbills!)
  • Enter charges and diagnoses from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Track practice performance efficiently and easily
  • View your schedule on your mobile device
  • And more!

Conference Schedule

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013, 2:00 PM (EST)

Join the meeting

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013, 11:00 AM (EST)

Join the meeting

Friday, February 22nd, 2013, 2:00 PM (EST)

Join the meeting

LytecMD E-prescribing and Webview Down Time March 1st – 3rd 2013


Providers will not be able to electronically prescribe medications or perform any actions related to electronically prescribing medications, including prescription fill history and prescription eligibility checking. During the migration, providers should anticipate the following:

  • · Outbound electronic prescriptions will not be successful during this outage period. Providers will receive 601 errors if they attempt to send electronic prescriptions during this time.
  • · Refill requests will not come in electronically during this outage period.
  • · Prescription eligibility requests will not be successful during this outage period.
  • · Fill history requests will not be successful during this outage period.

Action required

  • · Once a pharmacy has attempted to send a refill request electronically and received a failure, the refill request will be faxed via Surescripts Fax Services.
  • · Outbound prescriptions sent electronically during this outage will likely need to be re-sent after the outage period.


The WebView application will be unavailable. Customers (providers, patients and consultants) will not be able to access the WebView application while the migration is being performed.


EPrescribing Issue OptumRX Mail Service

UPDATE 10:52 AM PST 2.7.13

Surescripts has confirmed that OptumRx Mail Service experienced connectivity issues today, Thursday February 7 from ~9:58AM EST until ~12:58PM EST. NEWRX transactions sent to OptumRx during this time were not processed and rejected with a 602 error.

Surescripts and OptumRx network engineers have resolved this issue. 

OptumRX Mail Service (fka Prescription Solutions), pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), is experiencing processing issues. Starting at ~9:50am EST, New RX messages sent to OptumRX Mail Service are being rejected with an internal processing error (code 602).

We have no official notification from Surescripts or the pharmacy yet as to what is causing the issue, however we have submitted a support case to Surescripts for pharmacy vendor investigation.

Another notification will be sent once more details are available and/or if service to this Mail-Order pharmacy is restored.

ePrescribing Clearinghouse delay issue

UPDATE 1.22.13 09:11 AM PST

This morning, from ~6:30am EST until ~10:25am EST, an technical issue in the Practice Partner clearinghouse caused some outbound transactions to the Surescripts network were transmitted twice. As a result, the second transaction was rejected and an error message was returned. Error messages from the Surescripts network included:

601: Partner rejected transaction with an error
900: UIB Trace Number is Invalid
900: Message is a duplicate
900: Duplicate message received

It is not necessary to re-transmit any transaction which received this error message as the first transaction was received successfully.

Also this morning, from ~10:00am EST until ~10:30am EST, an unrelated issue with the Practice Partner clearinghouse caused some outbound transactions (NEWRX, REFRES) to get rejected with a 601 error:

Clearinghouse Server Could Not Be Reached. System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: The input stream is not a valid binary format. The starting contents (in bytes) are: 3C-68-31-3E-53-65-72-76-69-63-65-20-55-6E-61-76-61 …

Any prescription that received this error will need to be re-transmitted.

Thank you for your patience as we apologize for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: 1.22.13

Please be aware that we are currently experiencing issues processing transactions. Our technicians are actively working the issue. We will share additional information as soon as it is available.


The backlog of transactions has been processed and as of ~5:15pm EST today, Jan. 21, transactions are being forwarded to Surescripts in a timely manner with no delay.

Starting yesterday ~4:00pm EST, one of the main systems which primarily forwards transactions to Surescripts started experiencing technical problems. Transactions were previously delayed in arriving to the pharmacies as the backlog of transactions was processed. This issue is now resolved.

Starting yesterday ~4:00pm EST, one of the main systems which primarily forwards transactions to Surescripts started experiencing technical problems. This system is now back up and as of 2:15pm EST today, transactions are being forwarded to Surescripts in the order they were received. Transactions will be delayed in getting to the pharmacies as the backlog of transactions are processed. This affects NEWRX and REFRES transactions — it is not necessary to re-transmit unless an error message is received.

Another notification will be sent once the backlog has been processed and transactions are being forwarded to Surescripts in a timely manner.

We will update any changes that may occur.

Important Announcement – Activation of Medicare Edits

Effective Monday 1/7/2013, Medicare will activate edits to reject claims when data is present in Loop 2000B SBR03 (Subscriber Group or Policy Number). Do not use NONE.

In response to these edits, Availity will implement the following PSE’s (payer specific edits) on Monday 1/7/2013 at noon EST.

Availity reject claims that contain a value in Loop 2000B SBR03. The rejections will be returned on the IBR and EBR.


Edit # Msg Description
Institutional S259I Subscriber group or policy number (loop 2000B, SBR03) must not be present.
Professional S259P Subscriber group or policy number (loop 2000B, SBR03) must not be present.


Impacted Medicare Payers:




Payer Id

Payer Name



DME Region B






































Payer Id

Payer Name
















Palmetto GBA Medicare Upload Issues

Palmetto Medicare experiencing intermittent issues submitting claims. The issue is affecting random submitters to Medicare through their GPNET system. The best workaround we have for Validator 6  users is to re-submit the files. It is appearing as an intermittent problem. Re-submitting at a later time has found some success.

Please Contact us if you have any questions or further issues. 1-877-527-2407

PSS Holiday Hours

PSS will be observing the following Holidays and limited hours of operation.

December 17th – 21st Open Normal Hours
December 24th Closed* Emergency Issues Only
December 25th Closed Closed
December 26th – 28th  Open Normal Hours
December 31st Open Normal Hours
January 1st, 2013 Closed* Emergency Issues Only


*Should your practice experience an Emergency on December 24th or January 1st we will have limited resources available to help those situations. Please send an email to as well as leaving a message at 877-527-2407 explaining the nature of the problem, should you require assistance with a severely critical issue on one of those days.

Thank you and have a Safe and Happy Holiday!

McKesson Announces Program to Help Benevolent Physicians

McKesson launched its McKesson Gives Back program on Monday, November 19th. This benevolent program, which aligns with the Better Health 2020™ initiative, will donate more than $1 million of McKesson Practice Choice™ software to physicians who provide charity care in America’s most impoverished metropolitan areas. A McKesson committee will use strict criteria to select 100 doctors in 1-10 physician practices in those areas to receive a free 26-month license to the software.

The media response to – and interest in – the McKesson Gives Back program has been outstanding! Over 400 leading media outlets – including Yahoo! Finance, CNBC, and Moneyline – picked up the press release. Also exciting is that the press release generated a total of 194,318,305 impressions. We estimate that this is the largest amount of media coverage PPS has received since the acquisition of Medisoft® and Lytec®.

The McKesson Gives Back program – and its choice of McKesson Practice Choice™ software – is an exciting opportunity for PPS to take the Better Health mission to providers who care for and better the lives of needy patients.

Hurricane preparedness precautions

Due to the impending storm conditions we would like to share some recommendations for your office(s) hardware/data safety.

If you have a server on-site at your office:

1) Please make sure to have your office administrator perform a manual back-up of your Lytec/Lytec MD system.

2) Shut down and unplug all machines and/or power strips from the wall.

3) If you are in a low-lying area move hardware from the floor and place on raised surface.

Alert: This is considered a natural disaster, if data recovery is required; it is not covered by the Complete Care Priority Support contract.

While Hurricane Sandy will not directly affect business operations for Physicians Software Solutions, we will be working to allocate resources to help those practices who are affected by the storm. We are currently reaching out to all of our clients in the areas projected to be affected in an effort to help make sure proper precautions are being taken to ensure business continuity. If you are in those areas and know that you need help performing backups or getting data offsite, please call 877-527-2407 and we will prioritize your call.

We would like to thank you all in advance for your patience as we work to help those affected by the storms. As a reminder PSS places sites that are down as a top priority and as such there may be a longer waiting time for non critical issues. While we don’t anticipate there to be a delay, it will depend on the number of sites affected by this storm and the severity of the issues.

We wish safety to all of the clients and their families who may be affected by this storm.

Your Partners,

Physicians Software Solutions Inc.


Palmetto J1 Contract in Dispute with Noridian. CMS to delay the final decisions into 2013

Medi-cal Web submission

Medi-cal is having random trouble with web submission of claims. No known time for fix. Claims are still being accepted via Dial-up and via paper. Please contact your PSS support contact if you have any issues or questions.


The  issue truly is random. Claims rejected for this issue can be resubmitted until they pass. The issue not submitter/doctor dependent at this time. Multiple confirmations that re-submissions will get past the issue.

No more ICD-9 updates for LytecMD in 2012. Oct 10 2012

As part of the move to ICD-10, CMS has announced that there will be no new updates to ICD-9 in 2012. For this reason, the Practice Partner team will not offer any new ICD-9 diagnosis code updates this year. We will continue to monitor CMS for changes and will adjust accordingly if they should occur.

The following are important dates related to diagnosis code updates as presented in the final rule:

October 1, 2011: Last regular update to ICD-9 (No new updates)
October 1, 2012: Limited upgrades to both ICD-9 and ICD-10 for new technologies and diseases.
October 1, 2014: Resume regular updates to ICD-10. There are no more planned ICD-9 updates

The following link is provided for your reference: