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Noridian makes changes to their dialup submission requirements

December 9th, 2016

For PSS clients who submit claims in California, you may have woken to a surprising communication from your Medicare intermediary over the holiday season. Unfortunately, Santa didn’t leave you a new LED TV under the tree, but someone at Noridian Medicare thought it would be a great idea to send out a volley of faxes ON Thanksgiving requiring dialup clients to make several changes to the way they submit claims directly to Medicare using our Validator program.

The fax indicates a new dialup number, new user ID, and a new password in order to continue to send claims. What they don’t tell you is when you dial that number, the BBS you are dialing is unlike any of the BBS connections PSS has seen before. Here at PSS we highly encourage you to take this opportunity to revisit the idea of using a clearinghouse with your Validator instead of trusting your livelihood to the likes of dialup technology from the 1984 movie “War Games”. For those of you who just love the sound a dialup modem makes and the constant connection issues, we felt we should oblige you. We have spent many hours developing and testing  a new script for use with the new changes.

We are, once again, offering this update to our popular Validator program for no additional charge. That being said, there are some very specific steps you will need to take, which we have outlined below. For those of our clients on Complete Care Priority Support, you will once again receive these services for free, all you need to do is contact us for an appointment. If you do not have an unlimited support contract with us, and still need help, we are happy to do so at our normal hourly rates. The entire conversion should not take longer than about an hour.

For those who would like to handle this themselves, you will want to first make sure you HAVE the fax in your hand from Noridian. If you do not, do not update your Validator and instead reach out to Medicare to ask where it might be. Once you have the fax, go into your existing Validator program and check for and install your updates. You will need to be on version 6.5 or above.

Once that is done, go to settings\carrier options and choose “Noridian” from the dropdown menu. Click the “transmission” tab. There you will be able to enter your new User ID, Password, and Phone Number from the Fax. While you are here, you will also want to clear out the “BBS Script to Use” field. It needs to be completely empty. Once you have done that, click OK and you will be ready to send your claims!

As always, technicians are available to assist at our low hourly rate if you require assistance with this, or any other issue.