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Some companies don't want you to know the truth about this sale


To all of our Valued Clients

On March 11th, we sent all of our valued clients and colleagues an announcement about some exciting news for Lytec and Medisoft customers nationwide. The announcement, in case you missed it, was that the parent company for Lytec and Medisoft, McKesson, has decided to sell off this portion of their ambulatory IT division to e-MDs. While Mckesson has had some success with their foray into the ambulatory software market for smaller practices, this acquisition solidifies the already great success e-MDs has had in concentrating on this specific space in the market.


While Mckesson has been in the healthcare industry for over 175 years, they were relatively new to the technology side of things, especially as it related to the independent physician space. E-MDs, by way of contrast, focus solely on building practice management and EHR solutions for independent physicians and smaller medical practices. This is a much better fit for the Lytec, Medisoft and Practice Choice products.


We personally spent several days with the new leadership at e-MDs, and we want you to know we are very excited about the future of Lytec and Medisoft. This gave us a unique opportunity to ask the hard questions that all of us need to know about the future of Lytec and Medisoft. Let me be clear, THERE ARE NO PLANS TO SUNSET LYTEC OR MEDISOFT. Both of these products represent nearly 40,000 providers, or almost 10% of the independent physician market out there. In fact, Lytec is currently scoping out features for version 2016, and we are beta testing new features in 2015 service pack 1 right now.


Since Lytec and Medisoft have been around for more than 2 decades, they are very stable, feature rich programs with an unparalleled user base in the industry. Unfortunately, this makes some other companies with an unremarkable user base and a less complete feature set, a little envious. We have been getting reports from some of our clients as to the immoral and unscrupulous lengths that our competitors will go to in order to deceive and frighten you.


While e-MDs is not legally capable of responding to any of these deceitful statements until the handover from Mckesson is complete, we here at PSS are more than happy to. Meanwhile, we invite you to share any communication you are getting from these companies with us. Feel free to forward those emails to me personally at, or if you would like, we are always available to talk at 877-527-2407.


Your partners in success,

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