Weekly ICD-10 Tips Newsletter: ICD-10 Is Really Happening!

To all valued PSS Clients:

It’s just 22 days until the ICD-10 transition on October 1st, 2015. We’d like to invite you to a Preparing Your Practice for ICD-10 webinar. Attendees will be eligible for a 10% discount on McKesson software purchased this week. We have two times to choose from:

In this week’s tips we’re going to go over the recent ICD-10 news and events:

Tip 1: No more delays, ICD-10 is happening this time.

With congress returning to work today, they only have 17 working days until the 10/1 deadline. It is very unlikely that any ICD-10 blocking legislation will be pushed through by then. Will you be ready?

Tip 2: We have an ICD-10 Ombudsman now.

CMS has named William Rogers, MD, director of the Physicians Regulatory Issues Team at CMS, as the ICD-10 Ombudsman. After 10/1, you can email him with ICD-10 questions at ICD10_ombudsman@CMS.HHS.gov. While you wait for them to get back to you, please email or call us with your questions.

Tip 3: Some of your payers may still be requiring ICD-9 codes.

Worker’s compensation, disability, and auto insurers are not required to switch to ICD-10 codes. Disability and auto insurers are likely to not switch to ICD-10, but definitely check with your individual payers. Worker’s Comp, on the other hand is regulated individually in each state. According to the most current information we have these states are transitioning to ICD-10:

It’s entirely possible that your practice will use some combination of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes depending on each payer. Fortunately the ICD-10 implementation in Lytec allows for this to be done seamlessly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about this and your other ICD-10 training needs.


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