Your Lytec version may no longer be HIPAA compliant
Dear Valued Lytec Customer,

As you know, part of being a HIPAA compliant office means that your software must be up to date with any security patches, and supported by Microsoft. This year, Microsoft decided to discontinue support for SQL Server 2008 and older versions. This means that security patches for this version of SQL will no longer be released. While the chances for a security breach as a result of this change are small, it would be a liability which we cannot recommend you carry, as a single data breach can ruin a company.

All versions of Lytec from 2014 and older shipped with this version of Microsoft SQL Server as the database backend. If you are on any of these versions of Lytec, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET CURRENT.

You are receiving this email because according to our records you have an unsupported version of Lytec. If you have Lytec 2017 or older, this is no longer supported by eMDs. If you have 2014 or older, this is no longer supported by eMDs OR Microsoft, and should be upgraded.

Fortunately, eMDs is running an outstanding sale for just one month to help get our clients into a current, supported, compliant version of Lytec. During this very limited sale period, you can get Lytec 2019 for 40% off, and also get a FREE version of Lytec 2020 when it comes out in March.

We always recommend to stay within one version of the current version of Lytec. For those of you who have held off, this is the best opportunity to get current for the lowest pricing you will see this year. 

For a custom quote on your Lytec upgrade, as well as a list of features, please email or give us a call at 877-527-2407 ext 110!
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