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The Lytec 2018 pre-sale is officially here and while we are offering a great deal at 20% off all versions, we only have until the 16th of November to get all of your orders processed, so we urge you NOT TO DELAY. If you haven't talked with us yet about your upgrade, call or email today and we will put together an estimate for you.


New features for 2018 include:


-Compliance with new CMS MBI requirements 


-New customizable charge entry messages that allow you to create pop up alerts, reminding your billing staff of special data entry requirements. This will help to ensure claims go out correctly the first time.


-Expanded functionality to Lytec Mobile


-Don’t forget, if you’re not on 2017 yet, you also get the new AR Tracking tool that allows for an easier work flow on your aging. This will help to make sure nothing gets lost in the cracks and help you recover that money more efficiently.


Don’t wait, call or email me today!   877-527-2407 x112


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