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For the first time ever PSS is running a promotion on all of our products. You’ve never seen anything this big, because we’ve never done anything this big before.

Check out these amazing once in a lifetime deals.

Reports Pro for Lytec – Our most popular program for Lytec, which normally sells for $999.00, is now an unprecedented HALF OFF AT ONLY $499.00. 

This is the full version of Reports Pro which comes not just with over 50 reports already created in the library (and more being built every day), but also the ability to make custom reports for Lytec. See descriptions and screenshots of most reports here

Start getting the most out of your Lytec data today!

Validator 6 Professional – Normally $1899.00, is NOW OVER 70% off at ONLY $499.00. This is the premium version, which comes with 

unlimited carrier connections, custom carrier connections, unlimited clearing house connections and the ability to do batch eligibility integrated into the Lytec scheduler. This means we will automatically create eligibility requests based on your appointments in Lytec and parse the information back in to Lytec (the eligibility feature requires batch eligibility be set up with your EDI provider).

EZPost ERA auto posting for Lytec – $499.00 for the first practice, $99.00 for each additional practice. 10% off for limited time. Check out what everyone’s been raving about, post those ERAs in a matter of minutes with complete control.


BUT WAIT! There’s more.


We’re not just offering amazing deals on software, we’ve got some pretty amazing deals going on services right now as well.

Switch to PSS EDI powered by Change Healthcare today and have your annual fee waived for 2 years, free set up and training, free enrollment assistance. First two months after you go live $40.00 off per provider per month bundle price. Call us today and find out what we can offer you as your one stop EDI service and support center.

If you ever wanted to try Billflash out for printing and mailing your patient statements or letting your patients pay their bills online, now is a great time to try it. Set up and training are free and for a very limited time the first month is free (except postage). Check it out today and see how much time and money you can save by having someone else mail out your statements for you.


Act now and get a discount on your Lytec 2017 upgrade with the new AR Tracking module at the same time, there has never been a better time to make your office more efficient. We’re here and ready to help, but don’t wait this promotion is for a very limited time. Offers expire 7/31/2017.



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