Validator Updates 6.2



Here at PSS we strive to constantly improve upon our existing product line. We started out over 15 years ago with just one program, called Validator Direct Electronic Claims. Our Validator program has undergone countless updates and upgrades over the years, all based on feedback and findings from our loyal client base.

Now Validator is joined by popular programs such as EZ Post ERA auto posting, Backups Pro, and our latest, Reports Pro for Lytec. All of these programs are available as part of the PSS Software Suite.

One of the common requests we have received in the past has been to add user security to our programs, so that certain offices could use, for example, EZ Post, and see only the practices they are assigned.

We are proud to announce that version 6.2 does just that, allowing you to set up security (optionally) to get into the program, as well as allowing you to specify which practices and reports are available in various parts of the program. We hope that you like this new feature.

Unfortunately, in testing the update procedure for this new version we discovered an existing problem with the “PSS Download Manager” software that everyone already has. The PSS Download Manager is responsible for distributing updates to our clients who already have an older version of our PSS Software Suite program. The way this updater works is that it downloads an update pack from our servers and unpacks the new and updated files into the existing program files directory. The problem we ran into is that when we try to overwrite your existing program, we get a permissions error saying we don’t have permission to overwrite that file.

As a result, we had to also rewrite the way that updates are delivered. Starting with version 6.2, updates will be delivered via an installer file instead of an update pack. This means you will be prompted to click “Next” and “Finish” (as well as perhaps prompted by User Account Control if it is enabled) when updating your PSS Software Suite, but that the installer will at least have permission to perform the update.

Regrettably, there is only one way to update your existing update procedure, and that is to uninstall your existing program through add\remove programs and then downloading and installing the new version from our web page at

As with all updates from PSS, this is a free update. We have made articles available on how to uninstall the PSS Software Suite which are available here:  As always, technicians are available to assist at our low hourly rate if you require assistance with this, or any other issue.