Covid-19 Newsletter

Important changes you should know about

This will be the longest newsletter we have released in a while, and for that I want to apologize, but also it will be chock full of very important information, I promise you.

New Communication Methods

I am sure you are all wondering how every company who you have ever given your email address to is handling the pandemic. Here at PSS we are taking a hard look at our communication strategy and making changes to improve it. The first thing you will notice is that this email comes from MailChimp. We were using a newsletter application from our web site, but our last newsletter was only seen by 12% of you, and since information in these newsletters is often time sensitive, we wanted to make a change to see if we can help make sure everyone has a chance to see what we have to say.

In addition, we are now using Twitter to send out important links and information as it occurs. Please follow us at the twitter user name pssadamz!

Yes, we are open. Thankfully we are healthy.

Physicians’ Software Solutions would like to let you know that despite the global pandemic we are still open for business as usual. We feel very fortunate that we have the ability to work from our homes, and over the years we have set up home offices. So when our governor closed all the bars and restaurants and told us to all stay home, we were ready. Our thoughts and hopes for a quick resolution to this problem go out to our more unfortunate neighbors, colleagues, and to our clients on the front lines of this pandemic.Let’s stay safe out there!

Validator Update Available Now

The first piece of information we would like to pass on is that the Validator and EZ Post program have a new important update. That said, because of the number of changes in this version you must download and install this update manually. This important update can be found on our downloads page, and at the link below. You will want to first go to add\remove programs and remove the existing 6.6.9 (or older) version, then run the installer below. This update contains many important changes, including but not limited to the following:

  • The update server address has changed. This means your existing Validator “check for updates” feature will not work. This one points to the new server address.
  • Teamviewer dropped all support for the version included with your older Validator program with no notice. We are now including both an updated Teamviewer version as well as a program called Splashtop SOS, which will be our go forward solution for obtaining support on demand.
  • A number of our users were reporting that the place of service code “02” for Telehealth was being flagged by the Validator as invalid. We have fixed this with a database update.
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements

New Addresses

Speaking of that link above, you may have noticed our web address has been shortened to the easier to type but apparently harder to explain web address of Yes, the .dev is instead of .com or .net. You can still access the same site at, but who wants to do all that typing anyway?

Our mailing address has also changed. This is reflected on our web site and invoices, but in case you missed those, it’s PO Box 2625, Bellingham WA 98227.

Please follow me on Twitter

In the interest of keeping this newsletter as succinct as possible, but also not wanting you to miss out on any industry important news, updates, or time sensitive things, please follow me on Twitter at I have a few more things that I wanted to put on this newsletter which I will tweet out instead!

Stay safe, stay inside, wash those hands

I would like to close by wishing all of us a rapid, safe recovery from both the health as well as financial impact of this global pandemic. Above all, let’s make sure to take those precautions the CDC is warning us about, and emerge from this thing stronger than ever! Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can be of any assistance, and do not forget those less fortunate than us, who will be hit the hardest.