About Green

Physicians Software Solutions; a greener company today for a better tomorrow 

Physicians Software Solutions is a small computer consultation and software development company headquartered in the mountain town of Tehachapi, a place known for apples and clean wind energy. PSS develops software for the medical industry designed to vastly reduce or eliminate the use of paper in medical offices across the nation. With 450 clients in 38 states using an electronic medical claims filing software (called the Validator) that PSS developed, over 1.1 million pieces of paper are saved annually, in addition to the transportation costs, envelopes, and ink that would accompany those claims. PSS’s newest development efforts are in a Physical Therapy charting and reporting system which is designed to save even more paperwork for Physical Therapy offices nationwide.

In addition to our energy conserving nationally known software, our company leverages some of the latest technologies to reduce waste and conserve energy internally. PSS uses high speed internet and voice over IP technology to allow its employees to work remotely, thus eliminating the need for commuting to the office. Using scanners and secure file transfers has allowed our medical billing department to go virtually paperless, and yet be able to access information in a fraction of the time it used to take when on paper.

Recent upgrades to our servers and workstations allow us to utilize advances in energy reduction, and increases in speed and efficiency at the same time. Our LCD monitors use just one third the energy that the old fashioned CRT monitors used. Energy policies on all of our computers are set to offer the best cost reduction possible, while still allowing sufficient access to our systems.

Yet there is more we can do. Our long term green plan would like to involve more use of solar energy, at this point however it’s just not cost effective nor is it reliable enough for our business model. We are continuously monitoring changes in energy technology looking for something new to come along that fits with our business model. As email becomes more ubiquitous, we plan on going paperless with our invoicing as well. These efforts, while designed to help the environment, also have the enviable affect of improving our bottom line. As local energy and transportation costs continue to rise upward, it is up to us to make these kinds of paradigm shifts in our businesses just to maintain our margins.

While it’s a great feeling doing things to reduce our waste and energy consumption, it’s an even greater feeling to make those reductions while increasing our ability as a small business to compete in the current market place. Showing that going green can be a fiscally responsible thing to do as well as environmentally responsible.