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As you may or may not be aware Noridian is ending it’s dial up capability on October 1st, 2018. Here is an excerpt from the website.

“EDISS to End Support of Modem Technology - October 1, 2018

For All Current Modem Users

Technology and connectivity services have advanced through the years and modem technology has outlived its relevancy within the healthcare industry. EDI Support Services (EDISS) at Noridian will no longer support modem functionally after October 1, 2018 for any EDI transactions. Any provider or vendor who uses a modem for connectivity and data exchange with EDISS will need to find alternative methods for their connectivity.

If your facility is already submitting directly to EDISS with an NSV or use a billing service or clearinghouse, no action will be needed. 



While we have never been a very big fan of using Modem technology to transmit claims, we are dismayed that there will no longer be a no cost solution to file claims with Medicare. While you cannot do nothing, your choices for continued claim submission are either to utilize a clearinghouse or a network services vendor.

A network services vendor (NSV) operates similar to an internet service provider, in that all they offer is connectivity to the Medicare submission system, but it’s akin to paying for an internet service provider who only gives you access to one web site. BY way of contrast, a clearinghouse offers connectivity to virtually all payers, consolidated reporting and analytics, easy connectivity, and in many cases claim status, eligibility, and more.

We here at PSS have been vetting the network services vendors for our customers to handle the switch from dial up. Ability is marketing aggressively to sign up with them, but our research doesn’t support that choice as the best one, as they offer much less than a real clearinghouse, but charge almost as much. We’ve been looking at the list of NSV’s and clearing houses that are listed on Noridian’s website. What we’ve found so far has been underwhelming, as we were hoping to find a low-cost option to present to you along with a feature rich solution to choose from.

We’ve found that anyone we’ve talked to for just a Medicare solution has you paying at least half of what a full featured solution cost, sometimes more. Many of the solutions offering just a Medicare connection are really trying to get you to use their full clearing house option, but don’t really offer the full features and efficiencies you gain from using a true clearing house solution.

As for a full featured solution that was much easier for us to decide on an offering to present you with. PSS partnered with Practice Insight last year to offer an industry leading EDI solution to our clients. We’ve set up a series of live webinars that will allow you to see what our EDI Insight solution can offer you. We’re also offering the ability to try it free so you can see for yourself how it can help improve the efficiency of your billing.

Please register for one of the following Webinars or call us at 877-527-2407 for more information.

Webinar 1: Wednesday, June 6th @ 2:00pm CST


Webinar 2: Tuesday, June 12th @ 2:00pm CST


Webinar 3: Friday, June 22nd @ 2:00pm CST



Space in the webinars is limited, so please don’t wait to register.


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