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 Whether you’re on Lytec 2015 or 2001 there will never be a better time to upgrade and bring yourself current. Many great features have been added to Lytec over the years. In just the last couple of years we’ve seen the addition of an Accounts Receivable tracking utility, allowing for a much more efficient way to find and work your patient and insurance receivables. Helping you make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We’ve also seen the addition of an advanced ICD-10 search tool, upgrades to mobile, additional integration with auto remind and a new customizable charge entry edit reminder tool coming soon.

By upgrading today you’ll get all the features added since your version plus the added security of a SQL 2012 database. If you’re on 2014 or older this upgrade will also give you the ability to run on Windows 10 Professional, another must, in today’s need for heightened security. We’re seeing stories of data breaches, ransomware attacks and massive malware attacks worldwide on an almost weekly basis recently. Staying up to date on the latest version of your software, operating system and antivirus program is your best defense against the increasing frequency of these attacks. We know that Medical records sell for 10 times what credit card numbers sell for on the black market, making it all the more important you do everything you can to prevent an attack.

Take advantage of eMDs temporary insanity and bring yourself current, there quite literally will never be a better time to accomplish it.

In addition to the insane deal eMDs has going on, PSS and Billflash are offering additional deals with the purchase of Lytec 2018. Billflash is offering 30 days free statements; all you pay for is the postage. PSS is extending our 2017 summer sale with the full version of Reports Pro for only $499.00, Validator 6 Professional version for only $499.00 and EZpost auto poster for $499.00.

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